Kyle Bitterman wins the 4th annual Cody Gragg Memorial 2 Stroke Race at Muddy Creek

    The 4th annual Cody Gragg Memorial 2 Stroke race was a real barn burner. With over $22,000.00 up for grabs it brought out 37 pro and expert riders, 18 to 50 years old, from 13 states.

    The race was one moto (7 laps) that paid $6,100.00 to win, with $850 for the holeshot! Guaranteed to bring some fast riders to town. Mike Alessi, Marshal Welton, Jack Chambers, Kevin Walker, Luke Neese, Ezra Hastings, Brandon Scharer, Matt Burkeen, Robbie Horton, Kyle Bitterman, and 27 other fast riders.

    Off the start Kevin Walker and Mike Alessi got tangled up and were on the ground to end their hopes of winning.
    California’s Brandon Scharer put his 1989 Honda CR 500 across the strip to win the $850 holeshot prize. He didn’t let off there as he held the lead and started to pull away.

    Jack Chambers was running second and Kyle Bitterman was third with Adam Britt fourth. Three laps to go Scharer fell at the cut thru behind the start gate. Chambers took over the lead, but Bitterman was pushing. Next lap Bitterman took the lead and claimed the win.

    Chambers held on for second. Luke Neese charged the whole moto to work his way to third , followed by Marshal Welton, Ezra Hastings, and Brandon Scharer.