ALABAMA MOTOCROSS – RESCHEDULED for October 8 at Muddy Creek Raceway in TENNESSEE.

    The BIG Series event scheduled for Cowboy Heaven this weekend (July 24) has been rescheduled for Muddy Creek Raceway Oct 8th. Making it a double header for the BIG Series that weekend at Muddy Creek.  That weekend at Muddy Creek is the TOP GUN SHOWDOWN Weekend. 
    Saturday will be a round of the Mega & BIG Series and Sunday will be a round of the Mega, Ultra, BIG & SAS Series.

    The race at Cowboy Heaven will still race this weekend.

    NO BIG Series this weekend…

    The other series (ASCS & KOTM) scheduled for Cowboy Heaven will still be running this weekend at Cowboy Heaven. It is just no longer a round of the BIG Series.