July 30 (cancelled event) I 81 Motorsports Park event rescheduled for October 15.

    The event that was cancelled on July 30 at I 81 Motorsports Park is rescheduled for October 15 back at I 81 Motorsports Park.  The event was initially to be rounds of the THOR Mega Series,  Bridgestone Hot Summer Nights Series and the Yamaha SAS Series. Since the Hot Summer Nights is already scheduled for Oct 15  we are unable to add that series so we will drop one round from that series. So the number of required rounds for the Hot Summer Nights will be reduced from 10 to 9.

    October 15 at I 81 Motorsports will be a round of the Bridgestone Hot Summer Nights Series along with a make up for the THOR Mega and Yamaha SAS Series  (which was cancelled July 30).