South of the Border Motocross Leads the Way for $85,000 in Contingency Posted for the 32nd annual SUZUKI TOP GUN SHOWDOWN at Muddy Creek Raceway Oct. 11-12-13

    The 32nd annual SUZUKI TOP GUN SHOWDOWN will be held at Muddy Creek Raceway in Blountville, TN on October 11-12-13.

    There is $85,000 in contingency posted for this event. South of the Border Motocross Training Facility is leading the way with $33, 250.00 in contingency posted. SUZUKI has posted $15,750.00, KTM has posted $14,453.00, YAMAHA has posted $8,480.00, HONDA has posted $6,400.00, and KAWASAKI has posted $6,000.00.

    SOUTH of the BORDER Motocross Training Facility has posted $500, $250, $125 for the top 3 positions in all the motorcycle classes. These certificates will be handed out at the race along with the awards. These certificates are good for Training Classes at the SOB-MX facility thru July 2020.
    Contact for SOB-MX is:

    The factory motorcycle companies contingency programs are listed on each of their websites and there are requirements and riders must sign-up.