COVID-19 Guidelines for the Upcoming FMF Indoor MX Winter Series

    Victory Sports COVID-19 Guidelines/Suggestions

    Regarding our Winter Indoor Races..

    The most important thing is keeping our motocross family and staff safe and getting through this pandemic successfully.

    FACE MASKS are MANDATORY any time you are INSIDE the BUILDING..

    The WNC Ag Center is owned by the state of North Carolina and this is state rules.

    We also suggest NOT SPENDING ALL DAY INSIDE THE BUILDING. Come inside a couple of motos before your rider races, watch their racing, then go back outside. This keeps different people rotating in and out of the building all day and keeps the crowd to a minimum.

    ALSO, practice Social Distancing inside and outside. Only sit with your family or group when you are inside the building.

    If you don’t want to do it for yourself then please think of others. The number of cases in the United States is going up and we want to make every effort possible to avoid catching and or spreading this virus.

    FACE MASKS are MANDATORY any time you are INSIDE the BUILDING..

    If you aren’t prepared to wear a face mask, STAY HOME.

    We hope to keep everyone safe and healthy so we ask that each person do their part. Whether it be wearing a mask, social distancing, or washing your hands frequently, or all the above. We have the best motocross family and we want everyone to be safe and stay healthy. Let’s show compassion and love for one another.