Tracks & Fees

Track, Series Information & Fees

Schedule for Normal Series Events with Saturday Practice-Sunday Racing.
NOTE that some Special Event Weekends are different and have Friday Practice, Saturday & Sunday Racing.
Area Qualifier Weekends are different.

FRIDAY = Gates open at 4:30 and close at 12:00 midnight.

SATURDAY = Gates open at 6:00am and close at 12:00 midnight.  Signup for practice at 8:00am.   Saturday Practice is 10:00am (weather permitting).
Early Signup for Sunday is 1:30 til 5:30pm.

SUNDAY = Gates open at 6:00am. Signup at 7:00 Sunday morning Church Service at 7:00am,   Practice at 8:00,   Racing after practice  (usually 9:30)

Friday = $35 Adult – $20 Child
Saturday = $30 Adult – $15 Child
Sunday = $20 Adult – $10 Child   (Subject to Change for Special Events) 

All Amateur Classes = $35.00,  PRO = $45.00,,    special events AMA Pro-Am classes =$55.00

PURSE:  450 A  and 250 A =  pay 150%
Age Classes  35+,  40+ , 45+, 50+  &  55+ pay as follows: 1st $50, 2nd-$30
& 3rd-$20 overall. Top 3 get money and all others get trophy.

All amateur classes = awards 8 places guaranteed. Some tracks will pay more. Muddy Creek pays 10 places.

All amateur classes = awards 8 places guaranteed. Some tracks will pay more.   Muddy Creek PAYS 10 PLACES!

Muddy Creek Raceway 
Blountville, TN. Exit #63 off I-81 follow signs,   450 Ridgeway Dr Blountville, TN 37617
BEWARE of GPS directions. Narrow roads.

Birch Creek MX Phone 434-724-4392   Danville, VA. St Road #729
off US#58 East of Danville.

Lazy River Motocross –    4779 Brown Bridge RD SE    Dalton, GA  30721

SOB-MX Training Facility  Phone: Phone: 803-757-9580  South of the Border
3346 Highway 301 North Hamer, SC 29547
South Of The Border Motor Inn Phone: 800-845-6011

I-81 Motorsports Park is located at Exit #44 off of I-81.
Between Greeneville and Kingsport, TN.  INFO = 423-323-5497

ALL D Class Riders:  4 wins or 5 second place finishes in a beginner class and you will

be advanced. Or a combination of 1st and 2nd places finishes totaling 5 and
you get advanced.  This is based on 7 Riders Minimum in the class.
If you’re fast enough to win the D Class, then you need to

start the series in the C Class. If a rider has previously won a championship
in any series any class (excluding Women & Girls) that rider cannot ride
a D class. When you get advanced, you don’t take your points with you. The D
Class is a beginner class and a chance to try racing to see if you like it.
It isn’t a place to plan on winning a Series championship.

No Sandbagging: If it is determined by Victory Sports staff that
you were sandbagging you will be immediately advanced.

Youth  D Class Riders: You can race a 2nd class, but if you place
in the “TOP 30%” you will be out of the D Class. This Youth Rule is based on
7 rider minimum class.

Series Tie Breaker If a tie is recorded  in the final point standings the tie
breaker will be the best finish in the last event that either or both riders attended in that series.