An ENDURO Class will be Offered for the VIRGINIA Indoor Motocross Championship at the APEX Center in Wytheville on January 18-19

    January 18-19   MARK 4  HONDA presents the 27th annual FMF Indoor Motocross Winter Series by BRIDGESTONE Tires at the new APEX CENTER in Wytheville, VA..

    Indoor motocross racing at a brand new arena in Wytheville, VA..   This will be the VIRGINIA Indoor Motocross Championship!

    Pros from all up and down the east coast turn out to get some of the $10,000.00 purse!

    All classes are available, starting with the 50cc BEGINNER for 4-8 year old riders.

    We will offer an ENDURO class at this event.  There is a large number of off-road riders in the area that would like to take part in this event. 

    Classes for everyone, Motorcycles & ATVs,   Pee Wees, Youth, Beginner, Amateur, Intermediate, & PROs,,  PLUS the ENDURO class…

    We will also be having STRIDER bike racing and STACYC electric bike racing (in the afternoon).

    **There will be PIT BIKE RACING on SATURDAY!




    Signup at 11:30am,  Practice at 1:00,  Qualifiers in the afternoon at 2:30.   Main Events at 6:30 pm – BOTH DAYS.

    Signup at 10:00am,  Practice at 12:00 noon,  Qualifiers in the afternoon at 2:00.   Main Events at 6:30 pm – BOTH DAYS.

    DIRECTIONS: Exit #77 off of I-81 at Wytheville. If you are traveling South then TURN LEFT and drive straight beside the truck stop.
                                                                                             If you are traveling North them TURN RIGHT and drive straight beside the truck stop..