Classes   –   2018-2019  

  1. 51cc 4-6 Stock
  2. 51cc 7-8 Stock
  3. 51cc 4-8 Multi Speed/Shaft  Stock
  4. 51cc Open  5-8yrs  Stock
  5. 51cc Beginner 4-8yrs Stock
  6. 65cc D Beginner 6-11 yrs
  7. 65cc 7-9 yrs
  8. 65cc 10-11 yrs
  9. Unlimited 65cc 7-11 yrs
  10. 85cc D Beginner 9-15 yrs  (85-112cc Two Stroke, 75-150cc Four Stroke, 150 Honda is OK) – Big Wheel is OK
  11. 85cc 9-11  (150 Honda is OK) Big wheel is OK
  12. 85cc 9-13  (150 Honda is OK)  Big Wheel is OK
  13. 85cc 12-15  (150 Honda is OK)  Big wheel is OK
  14. Super Mini 12-16 yrs  (85-112cc Two Stroke, 75-150cc Four Stroke, 150 Honda is OK) Big Wheel is OK
  15. Schoolboy 1 = 12-17 yrs  (85-125cc Two Stroke,  75-150cc Four Stroke)
  16. Schoolboy 2 = 12-17 yrs  (122-150cc Two Stroke,  or  126-250cc Four Stroke)
  17. Collegeboy 14-24 yrs
  18. 125cc Two Stroke Amateur 12+ yrs
  19. OPEN 2 Stroke Amateur 
  20. Women 12+ yrs
  21. 250 D Beginner
  22. 250 C
  23. 250 B
  24. 250 Pro
  25. 450 D Beginner
  26. 450 C
  27. 450 B
  28. 450 Pro
  29. Unlimited D Beginner
  30. Unlimited C
  31. 25+
  32. 30+
  33. 35+
  34. 40+
  35. ATV  PRO/Expert
  36. ATV  Amateur
  37. ATV  Novice

*51cc Multi-Speed/Shaft Drive 4-8yrs Stock  – Limited to the following models:  Honda CRF50, Yamaha PW50, Suzuki JR50 and Yamaha TTR50 – ALL BIKES MUST BE STOCK

*51cc Beginner 4-8yrs Stock – Limited to riders with less than 1 year riding experience (Dominating riders in this class are subject to be moved at any time).  ALL BIKES MUST BE STOCK

ALL D Class Riders:
wins or 4 second place finishes or any combination of the two and you get advanced. If you’re fast enough to win the D Class, then you need to start the series in the C Class. If a rider has previously won a championship in any series any class (excluding Women & Girls. that rider cannot ride a D class. When you get advanced, you don’t take your points with you. You KEEP the points you earned, you just can’t take them with you to the next class. The D Class is a beginner class and a chance to try racing to see if you like it. It isn’t a place to plan on winning a Series championship. Must be 5 riders in the class for advancement.

Youth D Class Riders: 
You can race a 2nd class, but if you place in the “TOP 30%” you will be out of the D Class.  This Youth Rule is based on 8 rider minimum class.

Series Tie Breaker
If a tie is recorded in the final point standings the tie breaker will be the best finish in the last event that either or both riders attended in that series.