Classes   –   2017-2018  

  1. 51cc 4-6 Stock
  2. 51cc 7-8 Stock
  3. 51cc 4-8 Multi Speed/Shaft  Stock
  4. 51cc Open  5-8yrs  Stock
  5. 51cc Beginner 4-8yrs Stock
  6. 65cc D Beginner 6-11 yrs
  7. 65cc 7-9 yrs
  8. 65cc 10-11 yrs
  9. Unlimited 65cc 7-11 yrs
  10. 85cc D Beginner 9-15 yrs (85-112cc Two Stroke, 75-150cc Four Stroke, 150 Honda is OK) – Big Wheel is OK
  11. 85cc 9-11  (150 Honda is OK) Big wheel is OK
  12. 85cc 9-13  (150 Honda is OK)  Big Wheel is OK
  13. 85cc 12-15  (150 Honda is OK)  Big wheel is OK
  14. Super Mini 12-16 yrs  (85-112cc Two Stroke, 75-150cc Four Stroke, 150 Honda is OK) Big Wheel is OK
  15. Schoolboy 1 = 12-16 yrs  (85-125cc Two Stroke,  75-150cc Four Stroke)
  16. Schoolboy 2 = 12-16 yrs  (122-150cc Two Stroke,  126-250cc Four Stroke)
  17. Collegeboy 14-24 yrs
  18. 125cc Two Stroke Amateur 12+ yrs
  19. OPEN 2 Stroke All-Star  (A & B riders)  *Paying 100%  (B riders purse goes to the parents)
  20. Women 12+ yrs
  21. 250 D Beginner
  22. 250 C
  23. 250 B
  24. 250 Pro
  25. 450 D Beginner
  26. 450 C
  27. 450 B
  28. 450 Pro
  29. Unlimited D Beginner
  30. Unlimited C
  31. 25+
  32. 30+
  33. 35+
  34. 40+
  35. ATV  PRO/Expert
  36. ATV  Amateur
  37. ATV  Novice 
  38. ATV Youth Production – 60-90cc 2 Stroke, 70-125cc 4 Stroke – 8-15 yrs     This is a Production class.  Must have Production engine cases & Production frame.   Can be modified.  Manual Shift or Automatic

*51cc Multi-Speed/Shaft Drive 4-8yrs Stock  – Limited to the following models:  Honda CRF50, Yamaha PW50, Suzuki JR50 and Yamaha TTR50 – ALL BIKES MUST BE STOCK

*51cc Beginner 4-8yrs Stock – Limited to riders with less than 1 year riding experience (Dominating riders in this class are subject to be moved at any time).  AL BIKES MUST BE STOCK

ALL D Class Riders:
wins or 4 second place finishes or any combination of the two and you get advanced. If you’re fast enough to win the D Class, then you need to start the series in the C Class. If a rider has previously won a championship in any series any class (excluding Women & Girls. that rider cannot ride a D class. When you get advanced, you don’t take your points with you. You KEEP the points you earned, you just can’t take them with you to the next class. The D Class is a beginner class and a chance to try racing to see if you like it. It isn’t a place to plan on winning a Series championship.

Youth D Class Riders: 
You can race a 2nd class, but if you place in the “TOP 30%” you will be out of the D Class.  This Youth Rule is based on 8 rider minimum class.

Series Tie Breaker
If a tie is recorded in the final point standings the tie breaker will be the best finish in the last event that either or both riders attended in that series.

ATV Youth PRODUCTION must have the same brand matching motor and frame,  motor that came in that frame.